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1. (Van Pie)- Adjective
A Person who is allways angry. Especally if you touch thier stuff.

2. (Van Pieing)-Verb
The process by which someone gets angry and pushes you away.
-Stop being such a dirty little Van Pie
-Dont pull a Van Pie on me
-Don't touch my STUFF im Van Pieing
by CookieMunster June 15, 2006
Used to describe a person that tries to confuse you with thier long words and accent.

The process by which someone uses fancy words and a posh accent to confuse others. People which are "chappy" usually have an english accent.
Paul thinks he can fool me, but we all know he is chappy. He is allways chapping around with his big fancy words and english accent.
by CookieMunster June 22, 2006

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