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A raver is an individual who attends all night dance parties, sometimes illegal, where Djs spin techno with heavy bass and flashy lights on a regular basis, sometimes consuming "club" drugs such as ecstasy, ketamine a.k.a. "Special K", LSD/acid and cocaine to enhance the enviornment.
There are all different types of ravers in the scene, such as jungalists, kandie kids, club kids, old-skool ravers, graver ravers (goth ravers), and the ravers who don't fall into a catagory but simply go for the music, people, and vibes.
Alot of non ravers picture a raver as a colorful, washed out drug addict. But there are, in fact, sober ravers that won't touch drugs and go for the music to dance the night away. These are the ravers that set a good example.
Raves are becoming more and more popular and less underground.
omg,I'm rolling soo hard! Its my first rave! Wow, I love ravers!!

Awesome! would you like a lightshow?


*gives lightshow*

*Newbie looks in awe, as if it was the best thing in the world*

by Cook-E January 16, 2007

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