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2 definitions by CooKiEM0nSteR

A state of extreme drunkenness
Person 1: "I heard you had a heavy night last night..."

Person 2: "Yeah I had like a whole bottle of vodka. Shit got gritty..."
by CookieM0nster September 16, 2013
A process of giving a women/man a gaping asshole. From there you proceed to bust inside said butt. you then proceed to urinate inside the cum filled asshole. Then you take a shit inside of this horrid mixture as well as vomit into the asshole of your lover. To finish off this masterpiece, you proceed to put your dick back inside of the filled up ass and stir it around.
Reverend, I just gave Dave a gnarly Crockpot last night.
by CooKiEM0nSteR July 20, 2009