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Another way of saying Unacceptable in Onyx's point of view.
Guy1 : hey,i brought the movie,its brokeback mountain :D

Guy2: Thats Onyxceptable
by Converseeeeeeeee June 28, 2009
Basically,a Channel on the SwiftIrc Server full of 12 year old kids with nothing else to do but to help other 12 year old kids with Runescape. A bunch of SwiftIrc's Main people go there making it the biggest fagfest on That irc server.
17:07:59 <@Converse> #rshelp
17:08:00 <@Converse> * Cannot join #rshelp, you are banned from the channel
17:08:01 <@Converse> FUCK THAT NIGGER SHIT
17:08:13 <@Aesthetic> lololol gg
17:08:14 <@``Tony``> LL
17:08:17 <@peyton> luls.
by Converseeeeeeeee September 02, 2009
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