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A male who chooses not to take part in traditional male activities such as hunting, gambling, eating meat, partying, and going to strip clubs.

Much like a pack of male tigers enjoying a delicious antelope that they just chased down and killed. If there was one tiger who chose not to partake in the delicious carnivorous delight and instead made himself a nice leafy green salad - that would be the Salad Tiger.
Chris: Hey Steve - did you invite Jim to the party this weekend?

Steve: No dude - I told him we were grilling steaks and getting a stripper and he said he didn't want to miss the season premiere of project runway - that and he said something about whipping up some savory hummus.

Chris: Fucking Salad Tiger.

Steve: Seriously - its like he is afraid of vaginas.
by Conshy Bag Slapper December 02, 2010

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