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2 definitions by ConsciousHipHop

Loaded Lux is a freestyle Friday champion known for spitting more intelligent and complex punchlines like this one:

"boy reachin my TIME, preaching my RHYME, I'm reaching a leaf when I CLIMB...vines leapin for LIMElight... suave beats to my RHYME, these rappers are like 4 year olds and coloring books; gotta keep em in LINE."

"LADIES: Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself!

RAPPERS: You knew better you do better."
Loaded Lux dominated all challengers he faced on Freestyle Friday!
by ConsciousHipHop November 16, 2007
Something said after denying, owning, or shutting someone down. The phrase comes from playing games after the game is over, the winner says "Thanks for playing" to the loser.
Jim: Yo dawg that bitch thought I was cute and gave me a free drink.

Tom: For real? She gave me the whole meal free.

Jim: ....

Tom: Thanks for playing.

After the 2008 NBA Finals Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce turn to the Lakers and say:

by ConsciousHipHop November 05, 2008