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A person who listens to rap/hip-hop music who dislikes when an eminem worshipper (usually a child between the ages of 10-18) with very little knowledge of rap/hip-hop music claims that eminem is either "the greatest rapper alive" or "the greatest rapper of all time". This person proceeds to state facts about rap/hip-hop proving that eminem is not the greatest, this breaks the eminem worshippers heart causing the worshipper to label the other person an "eminem hater".
*Rap Fan sits on bench next to eminem worshipper as they wait for the subway*
Rap Fan: "Sup man how's it going?"
eminem worshipper: "Thuper, thankth for athking."
Rap Fan: "Aww hell no."
eminem worshipper: "OMG! eminem's new cd is fabulous! Love the way you lie is my new fave. Rihanna's voice is so cute in that song! Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time!"
Rap Fan: "WTF! He's nowhere near the greatest! Percee P, Inspektah Deck, Big L, Rakim, Nas, and Supernatural are all better than him and I'm just getting started. If they are better than him how can he be the greatest?"
eminem worshipper: "You're just an eminem hater."
Rap Fan: "Oh, is that what it's called when you listen to rap because you like it, not because it's what's trendy right now?"
by ConnoisseurOfRap January 13, 2011

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