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Very slow moving people, usually of extremely wide girth, who walk slowly through shopping malls 4 or 5 abreast keeping other shoppers from getting by. May actually live in mall, possibly from another planet or parallel universe.
Mall People are often seen with huge cups of soda and bags of junk food, wearing spandex. Occasionally seen blocking city sidewalks at any festival that includes free food. When driving cars, see parade makers.
by Conk-D December 06, 2009
Drivers who position their cars intentionally to block other drivers who want to get by. Common on US Highways as a form of passive aggressive road rage, and illegal by statute in most states.
The prototypical Pass Prick rides right next to another car on a 4-lane highway so both lanes are blocked and nobody can pass. Closes gaps as fast as possible to form up another rolling roadblock.

Also a driver who accelerates quickly in front of everybody when lanes narrow to single lane, then drives slower than everybody. See also parade maker.

In rural areas, often a driver on two lane road who speeds up whenever their is room to pass, then slows to below speed limit when there is oncoming traffic
by Conk-D December 06, 2009

Actually a texting error, when texting "cool" using 0-9 keys. Hit the correct keys but with the wrong count, yet it looks like a real word for cool.

Could be the first word invented by a machine.
JC: How was the trip?
Mattman: It was conk
by Conk-D December 05, 2009

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