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In Chicago referring to the huge festival that takes place primarily between Belmont/Laramie and Belmont/Cumberland on the North side. Attented by young Polish People from the area and every local suburb within 40 miles. Each May 3rd in celebration of the Polish Constitution Holiday, there are dozens of expensive luxury and modified sports cars seen cruising up and down the street with hot Polish girls sticking out of them and hundreds of people waving back draped in Polish flags/shirts in a sea of White and Red. Lots of screaming, shouting, loud music, accidents and burn-outs every year. The cops usually come and break up this party about 10pm, closing off the street to all traffic. Similar to Archer on the South Side, but not nearly as great.
Boy: Yah, May 3rd is coming sukka!!!
Old Man: Oh I wont be able to sleep again

Tom: I hope I get arrested again like last May 3rd
Greg: Lets go get drunk before belmont

Officer: Sir your music is too loud
David: Fuck you!

Ilona: Whooo... Heyy boys!

Bartek: I counted 47 STi's this year

Janek: Ohh man I Saw Her TITIES!

Michal: That was great, he just crashed his Mercedes

by Confused and Funky Polak April 19, 2007

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