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1 definition by Concussions

To have one person drive wrecklessly while the other passengers jump from the back seat to the front.
Whoever sustains the most external injuries wins.

Some car gymnastics may have a points system though it is not required
Ex: Bruise - 1pt

Injure Driver/other gymnast - 5pts

Consussion - 10pts

Blood/Bleeding - 15pts

Permanent Damage - 20pts
*Wreckless driver speeds down street then turns violently*

Gymnast one will jump from backseat to the farthest point in the front interior of car.
Gymnast one totals 4 bruises and a bloody nose = 19pts
Gymnast two kicks driver and collides into windsheild = 15pts

Car Gymnastics winner would be Gymnast one.
by Concussions February 04, 2011