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AKA Dungloe Street Fighters.

Group of youths who terrorize the small, usually peaceful village of Dungloe in Co. Donegal.

Well known locally for their unforgiving Mafia style leaders, the DSF regularly steal from The Cope and have been the main reason why Dungloe haven't won the Tidy Towns this last few years.
Did ya see that flower pot dug up in yer wan's garden?

Aye, the fucking DSF are at it again >:(
by Concerned Local November 07, 2010
Also referred to as: "Limerz Lad"

The Limelight is the place to be if you want to get pure shattered and vomit. Famous for its easy second-hand Glenties women, your sure to get the shift.

People come from far and wide to see the iPod totting DJs who are mad yocks when it comes to saying UGGY UGGY UGGY.
Anyway, it is well known for its distinctive smell of excrement.

If you havent been to Glenties, you haven't seen the largest gathering of shams known to man. Well boy ;)
Sham 1: Syked for Limelight Lad?

Sham 2: Hi sir hi shambuck boy, of course i'm syked, nothing like a good old tug from a Glenties doll.
by Concerned Local December 08, 2010
Sham is generally used in Ireland, it is almost the Irish equivalent of the British Chav.

Sham's are rare bucks hey. Generally seen out at the disco steaming. They can be seen during the week diffing on the roads like the mad header shams that them thar bucks are.

The mating call of a sham is a sham-flick. A sham-flick is when you wave your hand around like a mad cunt while clicking your fingers. This is deemed to be more skillful to shams than any other art form.
Normal Person 1: Hey! Who's that person over there, diffing in a twin-cam, clicking his fingers in an absurd way, listening to Lil' Wayne, wearing a bright Nike shirt whilst looking like a complete knob.

Normal Person 2: Oh, that's a sham
by Concerned Local November 30, 2010

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