17 definitions by Concerned Citizen

A generally loud annoying person, who thinks he knows everything. belligerant annoying
You're such a Chase Genge.
by concerned citizen February 22, 2005
Chinese variant on tequila shooters:
Lick the msg, Shoot the tequila, Bite the lemon chicken.
We headed out with the asian business execs for a count of Mao Tse Kee Lah's.
by concerned citizen February 17, 2005
(verb) dancing in a fashion similar to the creepy pete that grinds on high school girls in some raves, except with livestock instead of high school girls.
Dude...I totally busted Farmer James jabbapopping his pig last night.
by Concerned citizen March 04, 2005
stealing of cafeteria trays for one's own pleasure, mainly for sliding. see milkshake
hey you! stop traysliding and become a real man
by concerned citizen February 27, 2004
1. n. A team-killer (TKer) who kills everyone on their team at the same time every round.
I hate that god damned kill mongler!!
by Concerned Citizen September 19, 2003
sociopath; lightheart ignited an alive human body.
most persons don't get so pissed off they burn a man alive.
by concerned citizen February 20, 2005
A 12 year old kid who doesnt know how to say no to ice cream.
If he eats anymore... he might blow up.
by concerned citizen October 16, 2004

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