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See also: Hitlerite

Slang term for someone who sees fit to complain about any show or game that even has anything remotely diffrent from her (or his) narrow minded set of ideals.

A "Soccer mom" will often attempt to demonise the popualar item of the moment (ie: Harry Potter, Pokemon, Kim Possible, W.i.t.c.h and so on) with increcnely inane reasions behind it.
Soccer mom: This show has voilence!
Sane guy: Shut the fuck up! It's fucking Carebears!
Random parent: What are you doing in my house?
by Conan-san May 23, 2005
A company which aquires shows (usealy from Japan in the from of anime and based on a fanchise or videogame) and dubs them, usaly for a TV-Y audiance.

Many fans of anime have comtempt for 4-kids as thier editing practeses usaly distort the program to such an extent that it bares no resemblence to the sorce material.

Shows Dubed by 4-Kids include

Pokémon (Other wise known as "Pocket Monsters)
Yu-gi-oh (Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters)
Ultimate Muscle (Kinikuman: 2nd Generation)
Kirby: Right back at ya! (Kirby)
F-Zero: GP legend (F-Zero: Falcon Legend)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Shaman King
One Piece

To date, 4-kids have only created one unique show, being the latest incarnation of the popular "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" which has been prased by fans for it's Batman levels of darkness.
"Dude, what you watchin?"
"One Piece, 4-kids realy fucked it up"
"I know, the rap opening sucks!"
"The clown music ain't much to write home about ether.."
by Conan-san April 25, 2005
the best excuse to get a girl into pantaloons and a bikini ever!
"Did you see that girl in the Genie Costume last night?!"
by Conan-san April 25, 2005

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