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another name for a mass grave in Rwanda.
When Don Cheadle was in Rwanda for filming, he went to a "Tutsi Roll" for inspiration.
by Con Dheadle July 17, 2010
Another name for sucking a dick. The counterpart of muff diving. Invented by a closet freak in Buford, GA.
Jim's girlfriend went buff diving last night. When Jim had a sex explosion, his girlfriend almost drowned.
by Con Dheadle July 21, 2010
To be hacked to death with a machete. Bonus points if you die in central Africa.
800,000 brothas and sistas got Tutsi-ed all up and down in 1994.
by Con Dheadle July 21, 2010
A person who is solely attracted to Asians.
Yellow River rafter John, drowned after Miko came on his face.
by Con Dheadle July 21, 2010
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