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A rare entheogenic plant from Oaxaco Mexico.

The effects of Salvia can vary depending on the type of leaf you use(natural, extract 5x,10,13x)

The high from salvia is hard to describe since it can have the power to take you out of this dimension an into another one.

Although acheiving such effects can only be done effectively by the Leaf Extract (5x,10x,13x)

Methods of Use: oral use is called a "Quid"

smoking method is used with a bong or a waterpipe

Direct flame is applied since the chemical Salvinorin A,B is vaporized at a high temperature.
learn much more about Salvia D at

by Compton Ass Terry January 04, 2004
A truly amazing band that formed in 89' around the San Francisco bay area.

the original line-up

Leslie "Les" Claypool: bassist,vocals

Larry "Ler" Lalonde: guitarist

Timothy "Herb" Alexander: drums

Their sound of music is hard to put in any current genre. The only category this band falls in is itself, Primus.

official website www.primussucks.com
Do you like primus?

Dude! you gotta check out primus's new dvd+cd compilation!
by Compton Ass Terry January 04, 2004

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