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A sex move; used when you are holding the female in the air while banging her. Just before you are about to cum, you drop the girl on the floor and jizz all over her. You then leave the scene.
Mark: Did you bang that chick I saw you with last night?

Nick: Yeah, but I saw no future in the relationship, so I gave her a Humpty Dumpty and left.
by CompSci2 October 08, 2010
A bro or someone of the sort who tends to utilize large amounts of gel in their hairstyle. This gel tends to cause the hair to have a 'frosty glint' to it, hence the name 'Frosty the Broman"
Nick: Hey dude, did you see Mark today? He was workin' that hair gel.
Ian: Yeah, man. What a Frosty the Broman.
by CompSci2 April 05, 2011

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