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A form of government based on the idea that people who want to excel will excel, and those who do not wish to will not. It can easily be combined with democracy, though balance is needed for it to succeed, and oftentimes it can be corrupted. Though this has brought prosperity to the world not yet seen, it faces criticism from those who beleive in socialism, another effective form of government.
Capitalism: You have two cows, you sell one and buy a bull.
Socialism: You have two cows, you work and one is taken away to be given to another who has no cows because his have died due to neglect.
by Communism doesnt work August 14, 2004
A mythical form of government orignially dreamed up by Marx and Engles in their book "The communist Manifesto". Under communism everyone would be forced to be equal to give everyone equal amounts of everything, no individuality would be experienced and if you excel in any way you will be handicapped for the good of all. There is no form of government or currency, desire to excel and greed is abolished by magic, all people happily coexist with no desire to do so. Under communism the government does not exist and is expected to give out all needs equally.
<communist>Hey, what now?
<communist>I dunno, wanna work?
<communist>Nah whats the point?
<communist>good point, lets go to the perople's bar and get wasted
<communist>A round of people's ale for all!
by Communism doesnt work August 14, 2004

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