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A highly offensive racial slur for an Italian. Comes from "Diego"
If you call an Italian dago, he just might kick your lily white ass
by Common Sense7 October 06, 2005
(1) a blond-haired blue-eyed light-skinned person who claims to be Italian. Most are from Lombardi, and are more German than Italian.
Nick is quite obviously a lombardi.
by common sense7 October 11, 2005
When a male complies to ever single demand of his girlfriend or wife, and the female is in complete control of her man. A hen-pecked male will easily sell out to his woman and blow off his friends. Also see Pussy-whipped
First Guy: Damn. Fred blew us off again to go get bossed around by that bitch. He's so hen-pecked.
Second Guy: (Makes whipping sound) Yeah, he's whipped.
by Common Sense7 October 06, 2005
(n) People who give an Urban Dictionary definition a thumbs down or bad rating, even though the definition is completely harmless and unoffensive. In fact, you may find some random hater raters giving this a thumbs down.
Random hater raters can be annoying to Urban Dictionary geeks that constantly submit definitions.
by Common Sense7 October 08, 2005
1) Northeastern U.S. slang for Valium (AKA diazepam) tablets and/or Vicodin tablets. Can be heard in various songs, including the Fun Lovin' Criminals' song, "Scooby Snacks."
2) Occasionally used to refer to Quaaludes.
3) A hash brownie.
1) "Running around robbing banks, all wacked off of Scooby Snacks!" - "Scooby Snacks" by the Fun Lovin' Criminals.
2.) That's okay! Another Scooby Snack, and she'll love me again!
3.) Dude, these are some tasty Scooby Snacks!
by Common Sense7 October 01, 2006
A talentless white Southern rapper with so much metal in his mouth he can't rhyme or flow. Basically the white version of Mike Jones. Paul Wall is somewhere between Bubba Sparxxx and Rodney Dangerfield as far as white MCs go. He sucks. I'm not hating on his money or success, I'm just saying, get this talentless piece of wigger shit off my TV. He's got nothing to say, hes got no beats. Paul, go have a foursome with Eminem, Mike Jones, and Vanilla Ice. Then shoot yourselves.
Paul Wall needs to stop. Now. What else can I say?
by Common Sense7 October 03, 2005

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