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A word used by Directioners (A.K.A: 9-17 year old teenyboppers) who are so stupid and shallow that they can't appreciate their own fandom and believe that anyone who doesn't obsess and/or stalk the 'band' One Direction isn't a 'real fan'. They often accuse them of pronouncing/spelling people's names wrong, forgetting a line from the odd song or not knowing every detail of the member's lives.
In reality, very, very few of these people exist. Most of them are either already idiotic, psychotic fans or have been driven away by the fanbase's stupidity (thank god).
Fan #1: OMG I LOVE 1D!
Fan #2: OMG ME TOO!!!!11!!!
Fan #1: OMG OMG WHO'S UR FAVE!!!??
Fan #1: OMGZZZZ I WILL CUT YOU DIRECTIONATOR BITCH!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111!
by Common Sense Kid June 26, 2013
A phrase that I'd badly like to use without being accused of being a homophobe.
Person #1: We'll have a gay old time!
Person #2: HOMOPHOBE!
by Common Sense Kid June 30, 2013

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