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3 definitions by CommodoreD

Cri comes from the word Crica which means pussy in spanish and Culo that is asshole in mentioned language.
Can be used to say that someone is ugly, a curse word like Puñeta or when one has been penetrated thru the anus.
Esa tipa es un criculo.


Te dieron duro por el criculo?
by CommodoreD June 22, 2007
12 1
its like a dry spell but it only applys to the lack of a penis in one´s life.
I don´t know how long I can continue in this dick drought, I´m thisty.
by CommodoreD May 25, 2009
8 1
when a tourist poses as a resident of the country they're visiting, because they don't like people to know they're tourist or just because they're pretentious.

They tend to act casual, don't ask for directions and try not to be seen with maps, guides, cameras, gift shop bags or any other item that can reveal they're on vacation.
"Every time I go to New York, I become a faux resident. I hate when people know I'm a tourist."

Hey Kim, I think that guy is trying to glance at his city guide without getting caught. He's definitely a faux resident.
by CommodoreD June 09, 2009
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