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Warrent Officer

A creature that has no mother but was created for the sole purpose of keeping non-rates in line and single-handedly winning battles. Can be your mentor, worst nightmare or just some guy messing with your mind...often at the same time. Eats scrap iron and shits bullets, doesn't sleep with one eye open because they don't need to sleep, their best friend is their rifle and their girlfriend is whatever stripper they picked up at the bar last night. Nietzsche said when you stare into the abyss, sometimes it stares back; Nietzsche had obviously had his first encounter with a Army Cadet Warrent Officer.
Warrent Officer: Their Crown is a natural evolution warning you to run like hell; kinda like a cobra's rattle or those poisonous fish with bright colors.
by Commando_Corny November 11, 2010
The word used to descibe A 'F*cking Idiot No C*nt Likes'
Bloke 1- Oi did you see the new guy
Bloke 2- yeah mate he seems like a F.I.N.C.L.E!!!
by Commando_Corny August 10, 2010

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