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1) the phrase lazy trolls use when they have nothing to say in response

2) a phrase used when a post REALLY IS long, pointless, and repetitive, and should barely be read... but most of the time people do anyway

3) a lie
ex. 1:
Person A: -long post about how furries aren't bad people- and that is why furries aren't bad people...
Person B: tl;dr
Person A: troll...

ex. 2:
Person C: -long, overly repetitive post, by a furry (the bad kind)- AND THAT'S WHY FURRIES ARE TEH AWESHUMNESS, AND YOU ARE GUILTY OF FURSECUTION
Person D: tl;dr, dude I never even insulted you guys in the first place
Person C: -rages-

((i have nothing against furries))
#tl;dr #troll #lazy #lie #furries
by CommandoBear October 29, 2010
An over sized sword which is usually out of proportion to the users body. They usually appear on over cliched anime characters.

It's called "cloud sword" in reference to the Final Fantasy 7 character Cloud, who had an incredibly large sword.
Wow that guys sword is like, twelve feet tall
Yeah, he's got a cloud sword
#cloud sword #final fantasy #anime #cliche #huge
by CommandoBear February 20, 2011
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