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A revered testosterone enhancement pack to Cartoon Network. The block spanned for 11 years, with little signs of trouble in the early days. It was heaven to anyone who wanted daily doses of anime, especially Dragonball Z. As Cartoon Network changes, snobby imbeciles called producers got too concerned with image and money. The more creative minds that came about of the early '90s kept enough pull to continue the block. But... Cartoon Network decided to push Toonami to Saturday only, late in the evening when most kids are conking out, and thus damaged the ratings. Miguzi only made it worse.
After Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force Boston bomb scare, Jim Samples left his job as president, and in comes Stuart Snyder. Toonami had just hit a 10th anniversary change that disrupted the look and feel of the original. Worse, Kishimoto's beloved ninja was stuck in 80+ chapters of pure filler. With this, Toonami was sadistically taken off the air in a way that would make all Cowboy Bebop fans swig a beer. Stuart Snyder replaced it with live-action tv, then further degraded the network with Canadian bull, all animated by Flash and too cliched for words. "CN" now runs Mohave-dry Canadian TV, live action ripping off Discovery Channel, and MAD, which seems bent on Justin Bieber's freakin' hairdo, Lada Gaga's soda can look, and just about any other thing preppy Aeropostale-wearing, faux hawk-sporting mooks would watch with a cat named Mr. Floobenschlappen.
Most devoted fans of Toonami will try to pride themselves on the memories of the block. Some people have even taken it so far as to try and resurrect it. It's clear that within three solid years, CN underwent a mudslide in television program quality.

If you recognize Toonami, God Bless you.
Any riff-raff that dares to speak ill will of Toonami will be immediately ostracized for being so remarkably ignorant. If they dare say Flapjack or Chowder was awesome, chances are it's a bratty 10-yr old who loves Pixar's "Cars" too much and flips out if you diss Sonic the Hedgehog, EVER!

The economy can also be at fault for its rude cancellation, reducing the budget for CN. But that's a whole different story.

Things will be a million times worse if I said "Hey, do you like Gundam," and a CN viewer said, "OOH! Is that the next sequel to Total Drama Island?! Me likey Katie and Sadie! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!"

Cue brutal face kick.
by CommanderThunderush July 02, 2011
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