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A hairstyle in which medium length hair is swept backwards from the forehead, leaving a distinctive "v" shape at the front. Although traditionally a male hairstyle, it is more commonly seen upon girls today. Strongly associated with the classical depiction of Dracula and vampires.
Bela Lugosi had a widow's peak, and so does your girlfriend. Coincidence?
by Coming Second March 15, 2009
Ironically polite term for a woman who does not want her actual age known, e.g. one who is close to or just over the menopause.

Things which define women of a certain age are: exceptionally gaudy clothing, homeopathy and aromatherapy, sensible haircuts, books on feminism, affairs with paper boys, and coffee mornings.
Your mum is a woman of a certain age. Yes she is.
by Coming Second April 28, 2009
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