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10 definitions by Comanche Jackson

Hitting someone so hard that their legs go weak. What you see right b/f someone gets knocked the F/k out!!
Man, I told dude to stop. My girl even pleaded w/ him, but he kept talkin shit and came at me. I crow hopped this bitch and hit him in the dome w/ extreme prejudice. I had this m/f doin the stanky leg!!
by Comanche Jackson January 26, 2011
Going loco or crazy. Similar to he/she's trippin. Actin' a fool!
Yo', this dude got rear ended like two cars ahead of me today, got out, and started loakin on this dude who hit him. I thought that dude was gonna kill his ass?!
by Comanche Jackson April 16, 2011
A country way of saying to something colder i. e. drinks, temperature, etc.
Dad, my drinks warm from sittin' out. Well, put some ice in it and cold it up, son?!
by Comanche Jackson August 08, 2010