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An adjective describing something being beyond awesome.
"Dude, that is so mesh!!"
by Colton May April 07, 2006
The god of rock!! also the word mesh can be used as an adjective when something is beyond awesome. Also you can use the prefix "Gilga-" with other words. Gilgamesh is more of a state of mind then a word or character. You must earn the right to be in the presence of Gilgamesh. To truly understand this phenomenon is beyond your control. He must communicate with you using a medieval process referred to as hairot...that can only be learned after completing the memorization of the Greek alphabet.
n. "I'm feeling something in this room, Gilgamesh is among us."

v. "Dude that is so mesh!!"

prefix. "Those beans are Gilgastuck."
by Colton May April 07, 2006

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