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Emo people have low self confidence, and are usually sensitive. Many of them are easily upset and are sometimes depressed at small matters and overreact. They many times wear out-of-the-ordinary clothing much as skinny ties, tight jeans, hoodies and sweaters, horn-rimmed glasses, studded belts, bands shirts, and much of the clothing is either very dark or brightly colored. Some clothing have stripes, stars, broken hearts, skulls, or checkerboards. They often have friends who are also emo, goth or punk.

Popular Emo Rumors:

1. All emos cut.

No, not all emos cut themselves. Some like self-inflicted wounds, while others prefer to express themselves through other things, such as poetry and songs. But if an emo cuts themselves, that doesn't mean they don't write poems or songs, as this is not uncommon in an emo.

2. Emos worship Satan(Or the devil...W/e)
No. Simply no. This was most likely sterotyped from the fact that they wear dark clothing, and some have anchany symbols or skulls on clothing.

3. All emos are depressed ALL THE TIME.
No. Emos can laugh and love others like anyone else. Emos are simply get depressed more easily than most people. They are often NOT as depressed as everyone thinks, and really, well, ya.
UnemoPerson1: That person looks ohsoemo with those black clothes and messy hair!

UnemoPerson2: Ikr?
by ColtHATESme June 03, 2009

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