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2 definitions by ColourOfJazzee

Woman's menstrual period. Goes along with Blast-ended Skrewts (cramps) and Azkaban (uterus).
It sucks.
"Hey Jenny, would you like to go swimming?"
"Naw, I can't."
"Fuck yes."
by colourofjazzee May 02, 2009
Background: When people call something or someone "So Gay", they are often considered to be covering up their own latened homosexuality. These people also do gay things and then claim "No homo", making it ok.

By this reckoning, one can assume that if a person were to call things "So Straight" all the time, they are merely reinforcing their own heterosexuality. Hence the term "No Hetero"
Frank: Hey, hows it going Steve? *slaps steve's ass*
Steve: I'm pretty good man. *slaps back*
Frank: Hey! No hetero!
Steve: Yeah man. No hetero.
by ColourOfJazzee April 30, 2009