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1 definition by ColourMEpink

When you talk bad about the President on foreign shores during a time of war making everyone think that you are Anti-American and unpatriotic.

When freedom loving Americans choose not to listen to their music their fame rapidly declined after a brief rebound spell when liberals tried to make a point by driving to the CD store and buying their music but not listening to it, leading to stacks of unused CD's and increasing their carbon footprint in doing so. Irony.

Many ignorant people thought that only rednecks listened to their music initially but far from it.
"Hey, that new singer spoke out against my president"

"That's okay, he can be Dixie Chicked... that is what freedom is all about... since I do not agree with what was said, I have the right to stop listening and buying that music"
by ColourMEpink October 14, 2011