3 definitions by Colombian94

Good to know

(on aim)

Jake: dude i got some weed in the backpack u want some?

Ray: nah man im good but its g2k

Jake: alright ill ttyl i g2g
by Colombian94 April 17, 2009
like a girl's a knock out,mad hot,sexy,stunning,fucking hottttttt,
guy1:dude did u see that girl in that car!?
guy2:YEAH she's A Ten! or a 10!
by Colombian94 May 16, 2009
Can be used in a good term or a bad term when talking about something bad that occured but is still funny is a good way but pisses someone else off or is just naturally bad

or in a good way when something awesome has occured and rocks

Aaron:joe this weather's fuckin dick

Joe:oh yeah


Aaron:dude that striper (fish) is fuckin dick

Joe:i know man
by Colombian94 August 18, 2009

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