2 definitions by CollinL

N. Small odd shaped mechanically separated chicken fecies dried up and stail, five for one dollar. Only found on at participating fast food restuarants by the name McDonalds.
Id like two double western bacon chee's and chicken mcshit, a half diet half regular coke, im trying to watch my figure, and a SMALL seasoned curly, a SMALL seasoned curly.
by CollinL September 07, 2006
(fa-cock-ta) Adj. 1.In a describing sense, to be deboed, nasty, retarded, broken,out of place or to sum it all up totally fucked up.
After Jon was done playing with his fake vagina he looked at it and saw how facocked it was, and with a scareful fit of glee he tossed it up into the air which there it stuck to the ceiling until he found a swiffer duster long enough to knock it down.
by CollinL September 07, 2006

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