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9 definitions by Collin Jones

Two Nudists Who Decided To Take Dietary Advice From A Talking Snake.
Eve: "Wow Adam, I'm Getting Fat. What Should I Do?

Adam: " I Dunno, Why Don't You Ask That Snake?"

Snake: "Don't Eat Apples."
by Collin Jones June 18, 2005
395 136
The sequel to Kevin Smith's classic 1994 Indie film about a day in the life of 2 convenience store clerks. This movie find our characters, Dante and Randal, working for the fast-food chain "Moobys" after Randal leaves the coffee pot on at the Quick Stop, torching the entire building. Where the original movie was a classic in the Indie scene, Clerks II takes a step away from the Independent classic that spawned it and turns into a full-blown comedy which, surprisingly, is full of laughs and heart.
I saw Clerks II at 7:45 PM on opening night. It was the best 7:75 I've spent in over a year.
by Collin Jones July 22, 2006
163 22
A breed of snakes indigenous to muthafuckin' planes.
"I have had it with these Muthafuckin' Snakes, on this muthafuckin' plane!"
by Collin Jones August 22, 2006
82 7
The Strange Phenomena Of Breaking Into Laughter During Orgasm, Often Without Explanation. Can Occur During Masturbation Or Sexual Intercourse.
"I Was Beating Off Last Night And I Ended Up Having A Laughing Orgasm."
by Collin Jones September 16, 2005
83 17
A serious condition in which a male may begin to feel strong sexual attraction to unattractive females after a long period of sexual inactivity. The condition can be alleviated through the use of masturbation, but this will only help for 2-3 hours, 2-3 times per day.
Having not had sex since March 8th, 2006, Johnny developed Desperate Dick Syndrome and began lusting after fat girls.
by Collin Jones September 18, 2007
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A well-known Troll in the IMDB community. On July 22nd, MJsGirl launched a campaign against Clerks II on the IMDB message boards, claiming that Kevin Smith belonged in jail and that Blacks didn't know what was offensive because they're less educated. Despite saying all of this, she constantly reiterated that she is a "liberal progressive" and that everything she says is right. She soon broadened her campaign to include Jim Norton, "Lucky Louie", Opie & Anthony, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone. Shortly after, she began to resort to tactics such as threatening lawsuits and claiming that she had been so troubled by peoples responses to her that she was being forced to see a psychiatrist. This failed to win her support, however, and she remains IMDB's most hated user.
MJsGirl is a fuckin' troll.
by Collin Jones July 24, 2006
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A sub-genre of emo. Most Dark Pirates are nocturnal, only coming out at night to write bad poetry and listen to Atreyu. All Dark Pirates, if on Myspace, are required to list their Dark Pirate position in their display name, ex. "Dark Pirate Mistress" or "Dark Pirate Gunner". Although they are often referred to as "emo", most Emo kids want nothing to do with the Dark Pirates.
I saw the Dark Pirates at about 2 AM Air-drumming to Hawthorne Heights.
by Collin Jones October 07, 2006
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