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Any girl born with a popular name that changes it slightly in an unobnoxious way for personal reasons, and keeps it this way from a young age, this spelling following her into late teens or adulthood.

Ashly is a girl who was probably born Ashley and wants to distinguish herself from all the other "Ashley"s. If you've watched Disney's Recess as a child you would be able to pin point her as being more like Spanelli (She's an Ashley too), than the preppy girls whose daddies bought them a clubhouse to have at school.

Most Ashleys are either born pretty or their daddies buy pretty for them. Since this division of Ashley tends not to be prissy they also tend to be naturally beautiful and more down to earth than the average Ashley.

This girl is probably a fighter, even if its in the non-violent way. She doesn't give up or give in. She's bound for sucess because she is Miss Independant, she knows just what she wants!

Ashly is the alternative to the American Dream girl next door. A feminist that doesn't hate men, an Agnostic that doesn't hate religion. An understanding, self-sufficient, girl who can make grown men fall to their knees because she's worth it.
"Ashly? You bet! This girl has got it all. She isn't an ordinary Ashley!"

"Whoa damn for a second I thought she was hatin' on me but she just wanted to understand, she's an Ashly, man."

"Take her out for dinner bro this one could be a keeper, she could be an Ashly!"

by College.Dont.Make.U.SmRtr March 01, 2009
A polite way to say friend who you have no romantic feelings for yet there is mutal respect and that you are sleeping with. This situation is popular on college campuses when people have no time or desire for a real relationship.
A: Oh, its just Josh!
B: Who is Josh?
A: Just my Buddy.

Me and my Buddy rock it all night long!
by College.Dont.Make.U.SmRtr March 02, 2009

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