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2 definitions by College Student the2nd

50 cent rapper who has become extremely succesful and sold over 11 million copies of "get rich or die tryin" his debut album.
A lot of people seem to dislike his music, despit Dr.Dre producing (over 80 million records sold) with Eminem (speaks for himslef) who both claerly believe he is a quality rapper, otherwise, why produce and sign him for $1,000,000+? Some of his tracks may be mainstream, yet this shud take nothing away from the music. So those who bought his music, and enjoy it, good purchase, dont take shit from those who think they know "the game" better than anyone, they are probably white and wud shake and shit there pants if they met dr.dre/nas/jay-z. So to those who criticse, your just jealous, just caus ull neva make it anywhere
Also as a college student studying business, that boy 50's the don
I would also like to make clear i dont "bum" 50 cent, i prefer, nas and jigga man, and cant wait for Detox
50 cent,As nas once said "dont be like those n***s on the otherside hatin me because im beautiful"
by College Student the2nd December 23, 2005
A great place to have come from and i am certainly proud of my English heritage.
Its the home of REAL football (paul Gazza,gary L and wayne R, rugby (like American football but without pads i.e. not for pussies) and criket (fuckin hell Vaughen u just took Shanes head off, good shot mate).
Also has some class cities, York, Durham, Manchester, London and Newcastle. People drive around it mainly shit cars, mainly in either red cars, or corsas it seems. Gettin an A2 at college (not university) is the equivelent as gettin a PHD in america, those undeducated lot.

Policians are snide and the Conservative party are in power most of the time, except for this recent Labour blip, will soon pass, although i must say Tony isnt an idiot, at least he tries, hes better than Bush, and dont accuse him of taking civil liberties, as u pay for heat magazine with your Tesco card.
The weather sucks, it just does, it gets ludacrisly cold, despite every father aclaiming to their son the warmth on the fine December day.
We do like afternoon tea, and crumpets are very nice, Oxford and Cambridge are full of pricks, i got invited to their meetings, ive not seen evidence of any hot girls yet, if u do, let me know.
And finnaly, the ladies, what can i say, thyre not fat, or broad, or siliconed up like american chicks, they are much hotter in genral, altho there are some real skanks, the US does have the OC in Cali tho, i have been it is teeming with hot grils, and they really do love the british accent.
Hot girl 1: I dont no which i prefer, the US of England
Hot girl 2: I do, i love England, its full of hot guys with more money than Americans, because of compariable exchnage rates, and Oxford is the best uni in the world
Hot girl 1: yeh, but we wudnt be considerd as hot in Engalnd
Hot gilr 2: yeh, there are way more hot girls, so that is true
by College Student the2nd December 23, 2005