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Irish slang Wandering about aimlessly / spending time unproductively.
What did you get up to in town yesterday?
Ah, nothing much, was just pricking around.
by ColinC June 11, 2006
Irish Slang Was introduced in the interests of political correctness as an alternative to the phallo-centric term pricking around. Although the terms are largely interchangeable, geeing around has come to have connotations of added listlessness or apathy. It has also become a less polite term than the male equivalent. Note however, that as with pricking around, a member of either gender can be said to be geeing around.
So what have you been doing all day?
Ah nothing really, just geeing around watching Richard & Judy, waiting for the post to arrive.
by ColinC June 11, 2006
The English word elephant is from the Latin "elefantus", which derives from elevatus (raised) + fant (speaking) - in other words, an animal which makes a loud noise. Subsequent transliteration to the Greek alphabet resulted in the English word we recognise as "elephant".
What is that large animal which is making a loud noise whilst crossing the Alps with Hannibal?
That is what we have decided to call "an elephant", Centurion.
Please pass word to Scipio and the boys.
by ColinC November 22, 2011
member of the irish travelling community
that filthy nacker fucks his sister and wanks off his dead dog
by colinc October 04, 2003
variation of nacker ie. north side dubliner. but tend to blow glue and paint and lie un-conscience near flat complexes
wheres me score you fuckin poxbottle
by colinc October 04, 2003

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