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3 definitions by Colette2000

a cool new band from las vegas, who did a really good performance at this years Glastonbury (big english festival)
brill songs include: Andy you're a star, Mr Brightside, Somebody told me and Believe me Natalie
by Colette2000 August 04, 2005
185 68
an essential qualification for all chavs and general idiots who think that; beating the shit out of random people walking down the street/ throwing bricks through people's windows/ generally displaying how few brain cells they have, makes them look "hard".
chav admirer to chav: wow you've got an ASBO, you're so cool
*gazes at chav admiringly*

(please note this was translated from ineligible "slang" into ENGLISH)
by Colette2000 August 04, 2005
156 44
a (very annoying) phrase used by americans to describe british (which is different to english!) people
i am british not a brit *grinds teeth*
by Colette2000 August 04, 2005
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