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Coined by rapper Bizzare ButtFuck Tennessee is used as a term like Up Shit's creek without a paddle or as a small rural town that is boring. Also used n question form to insult someone hick or country.
Person One: Dude there's nothing in this town but a dollar tree.
person two: Welcome to ButtFuck, Tenessee

Hick: Hay ya young' ins wha ya dog gone stoled my gitty up
me: Where are you from? ButtFuck, Tenessee?

Person 1: He knows you slept with his daughter and he knows where you sleep at night.
Person 2: Well i'm in ButtFuck, Tenessee.
by ColeonBurckett January 25, 2009
The stare you receive after trying to let someone through in a crowded hallway and the other person tries to do the same. You both inadvertently go the same way. This action can occur for a max of 5 attempts before you receive the "what are you doing" or StutterStare.
I just tried to walk to the bathroom and got the StutterStare like 5 times just for tryin to move out of someone's way.
by ColeonBurckett January 25, 2009
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