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Through the years, ive come across a growing group of people called the wapanese aka wannabe Japanese.

Wapanese is a commonly termed used to describe a person white(commonly the female gender), black(commonly male gender), and rarely Hispanic, and Asians that arent Japanese.
They have great distinct liking towards anime, the nation, the people, food(usually sushi), novelty items and their language.
Though there most likely is more characteristics.

1. The typical wapanese will be a white young female or the not as common black male gender.

2. The white female gender wapanese commonly say phrases such as kawaii which means cute,(may or may not pronounce the phrases wrong) wish to live or visit japan,wants to be around the japanese all the time, believe that Japan is the greatest country ever,(this is shown through defense towards Japan if they are accused of being a wapanese, as comparing Japan to America using false accusations against America and praising Japan.

3.The black male gender wapanese though do not show the same characteristicts believe the japanese are cool and wish to visit/live there.

4. The female white gender may range from shy to extremely irrating apart from being wapanese.

5. I believe that all wapanese however have succumb to wapanese status through anime. It may be possible that anime have in fact given them false sets of reality of what Japan is really like and that it is in fact and a normal modern society not knowing of the wapanese actual existence and may in fact depending on who they are not like them.

6. Through my observation i believe that in fact anime is the root towards the wapanese, shown as an influence to them.
There may possibly be millions of wapanese out there as anime makes its way across america which will cause the wapanese.

7. Also commonly disliked by normal people due to their rant/behavior and depending on which gender they are may be outcast.

8. Will have an open discussion about anime japan and anything related to japan.

And while the wapanese come in many different shapes and forms the most important thing to remember is to keep these rules in mind.
That girl definitely was wapanese when she explained to the class what her japanese nickname meant.
by Coldtekken100 September 02, 2008
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