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2 definitions by Coldplayer89

The main crop grown on Japwn with high amounts of pwntassium. Consumers of pwnapple become more adept at reducing their foes to the minimal levels of skill and prowess. Considered a delicacy by pwners everywhere.
"Scott is playing exceptionally well tonight. It must be due to his rabid consumption of pwnapples earlier today."
by Coldplayer89 July 11, 2006
The ultimate land of pwnage. Citizen of Japwn are generally the most efficient pwners on the planet due to the country's vast supply of pwnapple. Every pwner is rumored to possess a little bit of Japwnese in their heritage.
"Man, Scott is spraying so much pwntassium on his opponents that he must be half Japwnese!"
by Coldplayer89 July 11, 2006