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It is now used in Half Life 2 Multiplayer when someone is killed by an object, thrown with the gravity gun.
Dude, you totally toileted me in that last round...
by Coldmud December 03, 2004
Very ugly, little troll like figure. Who will now, because of the new Destiny's Child song "Soldier".
Also be known commercially outside the US.

Has a sort of slow-rap style that makes little babies want to sleep.

Has no real skills, except for maybe playing Gollum one day. If Spike Lee ever decided to do an Urban LOTR version.
(urban)kid #1: "You saw the hot lil weezy performance on the new DC video yet? That guy is baddd fo so!!"

(normal)kid #2: "The guy gives me gagging sensations in the throat. Then he makes me want to nap."

(urban)kid #1: "Yeah he is kind of whack, is he? Can i go down on you now?
by Coldmud January 25, 2005

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