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Similar to doppelganger. In the context of sex, someone involved who looks like someone else, usually when refering to a celebrity sex video tape.
A second reviewer claims that the video is dated July 3, 1997, and estimates that Davis - or maybe her doppelbanger - was 27 at the time. "She sure looks a lot and sounds a lot like the real deal," the reviewer says.
by Colby December 24, 2004
A new definition regarding breast size on a woman. Used as a replacement for a more derogatory wordism. Used singularly as omib00b which is a rocking chick
That girl has a nice set of omib00bies.
by Colby April 25, 2004
Noble, grand majestic.
Queen Elizabeth could be characterized as sublime.
by Colby February 20, 2004
V: In American football, when an offensive player pushes a defensive player away with one arm in order to flee and/or incapacitate the defensive player, emulating the Heisman Trophy.
Wow, did you see Ricky Williams heisman that linebacker?
by Colby September 08, 2003
One who smokes a lot of pot.
Get a life, you 420 geek, and stop smoking up.
by Colby February 10, 2004
when a bunch of white people get stuck in a cabin usualy resulting in gay sex
"Yo, i got cabin fever and it was WAAAAACKKK"
by Colby November 18, 2003
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