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A sex act, involving wearing moose antlers on one's head, while pouring maple syrup either into the anus or vagina, or in some cases both, excreting said maple syrup into the Stanley Cup and then orally ingesting the maple syrup from the Stanley Cup, and spitting it up into the air, in an attempt to fully cover the moose antlers.
Did you see that Canadian porno where those 2 chicks both did Canada's History? That was almost worse than 2 girls 1 cup.
by Colberttoldmeto February 04, 2010
A couch guru is an individual who lives on your couch and provides nuggets of wisdom, advice, and the dankest weed hook-ups. The couch guru sustains themselves by consuming Mountain Dew, Doritos and porn. Example: the guy on the couch from Half Baked.
My couch guru hooked me up with a new water bong and advised me on how to fix my relationship with my father.
by Colberttoldmeto August 23, 2016
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