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To fully understand Canada's History, one must have had sexual relationship with a direct descendant of Canada's Historians. Requirements:Two Straight or Gay women (1 Relative),1 Straight Male with min 10" penis,6 Midgets,1 9" Cactus,1 wild animal's head(Moose Preferred) filled with Maple Syrup, A Canoe or a Raft.
Load everything into the raft and down a shallow river where one can expect many Rapids.5 midgets must steer the raft into rapids while the 6th, without using his tiny arms, must completely undress the two maidens.At which point you pour the maple syrup from the Wild Animal's Head onto the ladies making sure that every inch is amply covered.Upon reaching the rapids get the ladies into a 69 position and the midget must rapidly put the cactus in and out a lady's asshole from one end. This when coupled with the maple syrup and the uneven rapids is painfully reminiscent of the Intercolonial Wars that erupted between 1689 and 1763, ultimately culminating in a blood filled orgasm strangely signifying the Birth of Quebec.On the other end your goal is to take your10inches and in a swift motion must pistol whip all the 5 midgets steering the raft and finally enter the woman on the other side. Now repeat this process 12 times to ultimately have a raft shaking orgasm filling the woman with a your manseed. Thi surprisingly guarantees that the offspring will be a female and thereby ensuring that Canada's History is carried on forward for years to come.
Now over the years, Canada's History has been modified to include easily identifiable objects such as the Stanley Cups to replace the wild animal's head and less painful items such as antlers to replace cactus.

A fair warning that Canada's History is not suitable for Lumber Jacks, Pregnant women, Male Homosexuals, People suffering from Lollypopguildophobia and of course East Asians.
by ColbertFan_DXB February 06, 2010

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