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33 definitions by Col. Hans Landa

n.; an elation, similar to a high, that is experienced when one finds oneself in a position of power. Usually this is because the person realizes that their arbitrary choice will have a profound effect on someone else, thus inflating their ego and sense of importance.

This phenomenon explains the arrogance of police officers, judges, congressmen, professors, and other powerful individuals.
Tom: "Dude, are you gonna ref the freshman basketball game this year?"
Joe: "You bet! I'll be getting such a power high!"
by Col. Hans Landa February 02, 2012
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a sacred custom dictating that if someone is not a family member or an intimate friend, then one may only sleep in their house/apartment for three nights at most. Violating this is a high offense against one's honor. Go to a hotel.
Rather than spend a fourth night in Alex's San Francisco apartment, Bob took a train to San Jose and slept in a ditch. This way, he observed the three night rule and preserved his sacred honor.
by Col. Hans Landa September 13, 2013
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rapid, inexplicable widespread popularity followed by a long, protracted decline in social capital, terminating in universal disdain
A.: "Dude, what ever happened to Bob Applesworthy?"

B.: "Freshman year he was the shit around here. But I don't think he has any friends anymore."
A.: "Dischner syndrome."
B.: "Totally."
by Col. Hans Landa August 24, 2013
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n. the leader of a given fraternity. Usually seen in the frat picture wearing Lacoste shorts and shirt with a Ralph Lauren sports coat, Gucci sunglasses, and holding a cat. He is usually sweet as fuck.
"Hello, welcome to the party. I am the alpha of this fraternity." "You're sweet as fuck!" "I know."
by Col. Hans Landa August 01, 2011
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adj.; to be a in a state of having caused some action, usually either primarily or voluntarily. Almost always refers to the actions of human beings.
Hitler is responsible for the Holocaust.

The American people are responsible for electing their next president.
by Col. Hans Landa January 24, 2012
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