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The downward fist is to fist down in a fruitful manner into someones oriphice, usually in the flange or rectal area. It usually brings great amounts of pleasure to all concerned. It used to be shown in the opening credits to E.R. Crass human beings such as bernhagens practice this as a sport and a mating ritual, so they don't feel alone in the cesspool
been fisten?
by the fistFUUUUUUUUULLLLL!!!!!!!
well keep fisten then sooooooon!
by Col Crass in the ass April 08, 2005
a fist in the ass is worth two in the bush-now that is totally fistworthy!
Keep fisten!

the fist is very important in golf and other fisting activities involving sean connery or your mum
by Col Crass in the ass April 02, 2005
what happens to me when your mother enters the room
damn i'm gonna need a cold shower after this!
by Col Crass in the ass April 08, 2005
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