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When one needs a snack, a set time in gaming or anything on a timely basis, just to be slightly less of a moron.

In "Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy", one character had a lemon-op brain
Joe only thinks for 3 minutes after a toilet.
Yea, he got a coin-op brain!
by CogsOfGoo December 02, 2010
Shit Flash Avatar Chat
shit-topped graphical chat ("online hangout").
Refers to Gaia Online, Club Penguin, Pixie Hollow and other such things.
Girl: Mom, can I log to Club Penguin for 15 minutes?
Mom: Nope! You will no longer waste your time on those...
Dad: Graphical chats are bad!
Boy: Yea! Block access to all those SFAC's!
Dad: What does that refer to?
Boy: Stupid Flash Avatar Chat.
Dad: Did you mean, "Shit Flash Avatar Chat"?
Boy: Pretty much!
by CogsOfGoo November 24, 2010
HARDware that HERDS people into using Windows, simply by not supporting Windows, up to the full extent of not being compatible with it's legacy ancestor's drivers. Term being more appliable to "rush-forward" Linux builds like Ubuntu, but may apply to "look-backward" builds like Puppy Linux.
Most USB 3G modems with phone SIM cards are HERDware
by CogsOfGoo November 30, 2010

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