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An American who clings to a false Irish hyphenated identity in an effort to dilute his/her annoying, ignorant American one. They are known as 'Plastic Paddies'. They have never set foot on Irish soil, don't know any Irish people and call Irish (i.e. Gaeilge) 'Gaelic' e.g. ''OMG speak some gaelic!''. They believe they are Irish because their grandfather's grandmother lived next to a woman whose postman was from Dublin. Incidentally, Dublin is the only Irish city they're aware of, unless they're one of the elite few who know of ''Galloway'' (i.e. Galway, pronounced Gawl-way) or Cob - H (i.e. Cobh, pronounced cove). A real Irish person is born in Ireland and grows up there and would never compromise their identity by adding 'American' onto the latter end of their title of nationality (even if s/he moved to the U.S. and lived there indefinitely). Unless you have an Irish passport, don't call yourself Irish...even if your fifth cousin's brother-in-law's dog lived in Kerry!
Irish-American: ''I'm Irish too!''

Real Irish person: ''Really? Where are you from?''

''New York''.
by CogsKB July 26, 2011

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