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The act of hinning oneself.

Self-hinning occurs when a person posts a statement of some kind in a forum (usually but not exclusive to www.dogsonacid.com), and is unwittingly setting himself/herself up for a fall, completely unaided by others. This will be because he or she did not think through their post and perhaps did not realise that what they were saying was in fact utterly senseless, contradictory and/or retarded. Self-hinning is an extension of hinning, derived from hin, which originated from a famous thread titled 'Someone fucked with my father. I put hin in his place' on www.dogsonacid.com.
David Beckham: "I spent the better days of my England career under Sven"

The hin explained:

Here, David is unwittingly self-hinning himself by suggesting that he gets bummed up the arse by Sven Goran Eriksson, which undoubtedly was not his intention when he made this statement.
by Code18 June 06, 2007

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