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In most parts of the world even without a well established public healthcare system such as India, a doctor is someone who attempts to treat illnesses in people, fix injuries, and give valuable advice. They seem gloomy, and deppressive because they don't want to get your hopes up only to have you reinjured again(and they don't want to get sued for giving bad advice).

In North America however they are exactly what most people associate lawyers with; shameless salesmen who just want to rip someone off for money.

This is very capitalist, and one can hardly blame the doctor if every doctor in the country is doing it, but really they are not even helping themselves like this.

Fun facts: Inability to pay medical bills are the cause of 80% of bankruptcies in America.

GP visits in America usually cost upwards of $250, while in places like Australia which has roughly similar $ value, and the UK which has a much higher $ value, GP visits only cost $75 tops, usually including medicine costs.
"I went in for a stomach ache and a flu, they told me to speak to the available surgeon, he wanted to give me a colonoscopy, which was not only completely unecessary, but would have cost me nearly $2000.

I told him I would have to check with my insurance company, and left."

You see Doctors in America are worse than lawyers these days.
by CocoabutterNapalm April 29, 2011

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