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The single most absolutely DELICIOUSSSSS dessert. So good some people will descibe it like it is the only joy they have ever had in their entire life. It is rivaled only by Bavarian cream donuts.
Ms. Finklestein have you ever had cheesecake?

OHHH YESSS ITSS DELICIOUSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by cockstar3000 June 07, 2010
That guy at the party that spends more time throwing up and breaking stuff then actually partying. Usually arrives with that one really annoying drunk kid. Sloppy, annoying, and gross, Doogie is a very hated individual.
"Oh god look at him that kids such a Doogie, he threw up all over everyone on the couch then knocked over the t.v and broke it...I hate that doogie.
by Cockstar3000 July 30, 2009
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